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Ninja Grills make it enjoy authentic chargrilled results cooked indoors, using little to no oil.
Experience the sizzle with the Ninja Sizzle Indoor Grill & Flat Plate, featuring 2 interchangeable plates for high-heat cooking, with low smoke.
Or choose a Ninja Foodi Health Grill & Air Fryer to evenly cook and sear your favourite meals, with no need to flip your food thanks to the convection fan, and transform it into an air fryer at the touch of a button.
Let us help you find the best indoor grill for you.

Save up to 50% on your energy bill with Ninja Health Grills**

Ninja Sizzle Indoor
Grill & Flat Plate

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with our Ninja Foodi Health Grill Bundles

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Parts and Accessories

From additional cooking pots to baking tins and inserts, browse and buy accessories to get even more from your grill.

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Our Air Grill FAQs

Most Ninja Grills have dishwasher safe parts and some models include a handy cleaning brush to make washing up easier.
You can only use one cooking function at a time.
Ninja Grills are very versatile and are available in a range of sizes, perfect for feeding 4+ people. You can find more food inspiration on the Cooking Circle website or in the Chef-created recipe guide that comes in the box.
Ninja Grills are easy to use with simple touchscreen controls. Simply preheat the grill, add your food and select your desired cooking function, time and temperature. Every Ninja appliance comes with an instruction booklet and a dedicated recipe guide to help you get started quickly.
'Grilling' and 'broiling' both mean to cook using direct heat from above, however 'broiling' is a North American term - it’s much more common to see the word ‘grilling’ in the UK.
Yes, you can use cooking foil to wrap or cover food in your Ninja Grill and when grilling in your oven.
You can often grill food without adding much (or any) oil, which can make it a health-conscious way to cook.
From bacon and eggs to smash burgers, go from breakfast to dinner with 2 interchangeable plates and enjoy authentic chargrilled results with high-heat cooking up to 260°C.
**Testing and calculations based on recommended cook time for sausages, using air fry function versus conventional ovens

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