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It’s quick and easy to create delicious food and drinks at home with Ninja’s versatile range of blenders, smoothie makers, food processors, choppers and juicers.

Enjoy savoury feasts and sweet treats made exactly as you like them – from smoothies and sauces to dips and doughs, from fresh juices and cocktails to complete meal prep.

Discover our incredible Ninja Blenders & Food Processors ranges

Ninja Choppers

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Our Ninja Choppers are small but mighty. Take all of the effort out of chopping ingredients with these must-have kitchen gadgets.


Ninja Blenders

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Rethink what a blender can do. Make enough to share with multi-serve blenders or choose a personal blender to take your creation on-the-go.


Ninja Food Processors

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Food preparation in a flash. Power meets precision in Ninja’s versatile food processors with interchangeable attachments.


Ninja Juicers

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Discover a better way to juice. Enjoy freshly-squeezed juice at home – smoother or with bits, exactly as you like it.


Ninja Soup Makers

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A blender for all seasons. Chop, sauté, blend and cook your way to hot and cold creations, from soups and sauces to ice-cold drinks.



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“Alongside its multitude of features, the Ninja blender and soup maker looks the part, too. It’s stylishly designed and the touch-sensitive control panel is lovely to use.”

– Expert Reviews (HB150UK)


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Auto-iQ Technology

Simply press one button and let Auto-iQ’s one-touch programs do the work for you. These unique pulse, pause, blend and process patterns are tailored to deliver the exact results you want, without the guesswork – whether you’re blending a breakfast smoothie or mixing pizza dough for dinner. Selected models only.

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Smart Torque

Easily create luxuriously thick smoothie bowls, nut butters, spreads and more with Smart Torque. Whereas some blenders can struggle with thick mixtures and can stall or even stop mid-blend, Ninja’s Smart Torque motor maintains its high speed to deliver uninterrupted power and performance – no stalling, no stirring, no shaking. Selected models only.

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Ninja Blade Technology

Ninja’s precision-engineered blades are made from durable, high quality stainless steel. Power through tough ingredients, including whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and even crush ice.

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Multiple appliances in one

Save space on your countertop. With multiple functions and interchangeable attachments, you can easily switch between single-serve portions and larger servings with a 2-in-1 model, or transform your or 3-in-1 food processor into a jug blender and personal smoothie maker. Selected models only.

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Cold Press Technology

This efficient juicing process creates clearer juice with vibrant colours. A powerful high-torque motor rotates a 9-segment auger at slow speeds for minimal heat transfer, extracting juice and nutrients from your favourite fruit and vegetables. Selected juicers only.